Safety in sport is essential, and particularly in equestrian sports. Safety requirements are TecRail’s genetic code. The sporting values of TecRail are to be found in the technical materials used and in their design, for the benefit of both human and equine athletes. Above all, TecRail is committed to its task of bringing functionality and safety to equestrian sports and horse-racing.



Founded in 2006, our company initially operated as a distributor. Based on this deep-rooted experience, during the last five years it began developing its own range of products , beginning in particular with the manufacture of racing hurdles and fences.

In 2015, we launched our own range of PVC race-rails under the new commercial banner of TecRail, entirely manufactured in France, the aim of which is to provide optimal quality at a reasonable price.



James Richard AdamJames Richard Adam – Commercial Attache
With over a decade experience riding track-work in Australia on many Group horses for many good trainers, I am uniquely placed to understand the needs of horses, riders, trainers, and track managers/staff. Time spent riding in Newmarket, UK highlighted the different requirements all race and training tracks face both domestically and internationally. This first-hand knowledge means your project is installed with forward thinking for maximum benefit.