Tube crowd barrier

  • Safe product in case of impact, metal free
  • Athsetically pleasing, a robust system with rounded edges adapted to crowd situations
  • Multi-chamber post for easy installation
  • Zero maintenance – long lifespan


  • Securing areas for the general public
  • Weighing room area, parade ring, stands’ handrail, VIP zone
  • Separating professional  areas from the general public on the racecourse
  • Main arena fence
  • 2m post spacing, 1.20m high, reduced 9cm space between tubes. 2m pannels
  • rectangular post profile 130mmx110mm, flat rail 107mmx58mm, bars 40mmx27mm, 4mm post and rail thickness
  • UV treated PVC-u, high resistance to impacts, available in several colours
  • Easy installation on concreted steel tubes. Installation can be moveable with PVC sunken sockets